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Skool helps groups thrive, by giving them the tools needed to create real engagement. Build something bigger than your followers, your product, or your course. Build a Skool.

Skool is an online community tool, that's simple to setup & fun to use

No matter your product or industry, you can use Skool to keep your group enagaged and talking. It has everything you need, and nothing you don't.


Discuss, chat, connect.

Robust and intuitive, Skool gets out of the way and let's you and your group communicate together.


Create and teach. Watch and learn.

From masterclass to mastermind, Skool gives you the tools you need to deliver learning seamlessly.


One calendar, every user, every timezone.

Scheduling simplified, Skool provides a universal calendar keeps your audidence in the loop on upcoming calls and events.


Game on. Earn points, have fun.

Fun for everyone, Skool provides built in gamification features that keep your group enagaged and participating. A huge level up from other platforms.

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Skool can help you and your community , no matter what you do

Teaching an online course?

Do you sell a course using a traditional LMS platforms? Skool does things differently from products like Kijabi, it's simple for your users, and community focused. Engage directly with your students, all from one product.

Selling a product or service?

Have a digital or physical product, but are struggling to connect with your customers? Use Skool to create a tight feedback loop with your customers and collect their feedback in a dynamic and engaging way. Good product starts with good support.

Social media star?

Whether you use YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok... the comments section isn't enough. Use Skool to create a community and have meaningful dicussions with your followers. Put faces to usernames, and communicate directly with your following.

Setting up events?

Have a monthly, quarterly or annual event? Use Skool as a hub for attendee discussion and engagement long before or long after your event ends. Keep your core engaged 365/7.

Something you love?

Hike? Bike? Run? Create a public space for serious community discussion around the things you love. Skool provides the tools for communities to congregate around any common interest.

Connected with people?

Do you have a Facebook group? A private Discord server? Use Skool to create engaged and focused discussion with your peers with none of the distractions.

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